Communication with customers and product presentations in a language that customers understand are now key to success in any market more than ever before.

Today it takes more than mere translation; to be meaningful and unfrustrating, your presentations, descriptions, product manuals, specifications and all related material need to be localized - adapted to local culture and historical backgrounds.

Whether financial, legal or technical translation, interpreting or creation of a video presentation, you will need to quickly and accurately process your business material for an increasingly diverse local audience.

De la Rey Consulting team of translators and interpreters is qualified to address all your language, localization and adaptation needs in Russia and other CIS countries.

  • Legal
  • Business 
  • Finance& Banking   
  • Technical

At € 0.17 per source word for European languages and € 0.21 for Asian, our translation rates are some of the most competitive in the top quality segment.

               Рисунок1.png  Russian                  дания.gif  Dutch                хинди.png  Hindi
   Рисунок2.png  Ukranian    китай.png  Chinese    малайзия.png  Malay
   0002-001-Flag-Respubliki-Kazakhstan-Avtor-kazakhstanskogo-flaga-SHaken-Nijazbekov.png  Kasakh    япония.png  Japanese    греция.png  Greek
   инг.png  English    корея.png  Korean     финляндия.png  Finnish
   герм.png  German    вьетнам.png  Vietnamese    швеция.png  Swedish
   франц.png  French
   арабск.png  Arabic    норвегия.jpg  Norwegian
   испания.png  Spanish    африканаас.png  Afrikaans    португалия.png  Portuguese
   италия.jpg  Italian    дания.png  Danish    венгрия.gif  Hungarian

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De la Rey Consulting Ltg. General Manager Yuri Shurygin presented analytical report

New corporate website coming up on 1 July

New corporate website is set to be launched on the first day of July 2016

Target - #1 Foreign Trade Portal in Russia

Our new project looks forward to become the leading business platform focusing on the Russian market.

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De la Rey Consulting experts have organized foreign trade workshops in different regions of Russia.

Cooperation with Armenian partners

Cooperation agreements signed during the major business forum in Armenia.