pdf2.gif Russian Market Research

Standard Market Reports

Russian Market Potential Evaluation

0007.png  Russian market size, dynamics & trends for specified products.

0001.png Geography of suppliers. Legal Obligations. Controls & Licenses

0008.png  Market Experts feedback in reference to demand and market possibilities for specified products

Market Competitiveness Evaluation

0009.png Market data and key players information

0010.png Local market prices for similar products

0015.pngLegal Obligations. Controls & Licenses

0011.png Feedback from potential partners in reference to cooperation possibilities and options

Detailed Market Report

1. Russian economy overview

    1.1 General economy overview, key figures

    1.2 Bilateral trade relations

    1.3 Legal obligations. Controls & Licenses

2. Russian market features

    2.1 Detailed market data

    2.2 Major industry sectors and segments

    2.3 Import and export structure in the industry

    2.4 Local demand for specified products

    2.5 Competitive Environment

    2.6 Industry Outlook

    2.7 TOP Sales Channels

3. Potential partners

    3.1 Segmentation of the potential partners

    3.2 Potential partners profiles and contacts

Information Sources:

Рисунок2.png  Specialized Russian and international databases

0012.png Industrial and regional experts

0014.png Potential trade partners (Dealers, Distributors, Wholesalers, End Customers)

pdf2.gif Russian Market Research


Russian Market Potential for Indian Partners

De la Rey Consulting Ltg. General Manager Yuri Shurygin presented analytical report

New corporate website coming up on 1 July

New corporate website is set to be launched on the first day of July 2016

Target - #1 Foreign Trade Portal in Russia

Our new project looks forward to become the leading business platform focusing on the Russian market.

Foreign Trade Workshops across Russia

De la Rey Consulting experts have organized foreign trade workshops in different regions of Russia.

Cooperation with Armenian partners

Cooperation agreements signed during the major business forum in Armenia.